high-self-esteamHave you ever looked at someone and thought “He/she’s so lucky.  She/he has money, a great career, the opportunity to travel, and a wonderful relationship or marriage.”  You’re not alone.  I’ve done it too.  It’s easy to feel a little depressed and start to over think why we haven’t been as successful as that person.  Maybe we didn’t get the looks, the family who had it all, the education, or to be born in the right place at the right time.

But as time goes on in life there is the realisation that so many successful people, in wonderful long time relationships didn’t have much either to begin with but became ‘lucky’ because they thought and continue to think differently and take a certain course of action.

What tips would these positive, ‘lucky’ people share with us?

20 Tips on bringing luck into your life

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” – Thomas Jefferson

1.    Work hard (humbly and in the background) and be aware of opportunities.
Successful people don’t brag or celebrate at the expense of others.  They simply get on honing and mastering their craft.  The lesson is to meet good fortune half way.  By putting our heart and soul into what we do, the effort will attract good fortune.

2.    Surround yourselves with a positive network of friends/colleagues/mentors.
By considering the role of others and their needs, this action in itself attracts good fortune.  If you build people up and not tear them down this usually ensures that positivity is circulated and reciprocated.

3.    Visualize and plant positive seeds into your mind every day.
By being positive in thought and action the odds are in your favour.  The best in any field eg. athletics, acting or business see themselves winning before they even commence their work.  One must first see success happen before it can be made to happen.  How we think shapes our lives.

4.    Fight the over-thinking every day.
There is nothing more destructive and debilitating than allowing random  thoughts to highjack your day.  It’s the ‘I should have’, and ‘if only’ scenarios that can lead us down the path of negative thought and self flagellation.
Positive people make a choice to limit their over-thinking mind.  Learn to say ‘Let it go’ and focus your efforts on doing something positive and constructive.

 “Here’s the thing about luck…you don’t know if it’s good or bad until you have some perspective.”  – Alice Hoffman

5.    Listen to your gut, believe in yourself and others.
Learn to trust your gut instinct and keep your humour as this helps you to tap into your creativity.  By having a belief in your own strength you also convey the true belief that all people have inner strength. There is the known understanding that the resilient  mind can achieve great things.

6.    Accept the timing may not always be right…but…
For many timing is everything, but if we waited for the stars to align we could be sitting around for a long, long time.  Positive and ‘lucky’ people say “It’s always the right time” and they go out and make it the right time.  As the saying goes…”Opportunity comes to pass, not pause.”

“A problem is an opportunity waiting to be discovered.” – K.J. Hanley

7.    Live in the now.
By living in the past and choosing to remain a captive of old experiences or perceptions, we limit our potential in the present.  Lucky people direct their efforts at what they can control right here and now.  Not worrying as much about yesterday or tomorrow.  Don’t become oblivious to things around you.

“Carpe diem – seize the day.”

8.    Remain curious and open to new experiences.
Curiosity opens doors, offering a new perspective,  an ability to work on and identify solutions to challenges otherwise missed.  By welcoming new ideas, thoughts or observations, new avenues can be pursued leading to great outcomes.

9.    If at first you don’t succeed, try it from another angle.
The Dalai Lama XIV said it best “Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”  By going back to the drawing board you have already gained valuable experience that will guide you on your path towards success.  Lucky people become smart and learn by trying.  They toil, admit faults, and quickly move on.  There is the recognition that happiness and success in life comes from constant study.

10.    Gratitude for life.
Successful and lucky people recognise that life is not a right but a gift.  Lucky people act with great humility.  We are the total sum of our experiences and the positive people we come to know contribute so much to our lives.

11.    Life is not a straight line.
Positive people know that life and success are never a straight line, but a path of twists, turns and side roads.  Lucky people zig zag their way through life, exploring uncharted waters, using the road less travelled.

12.    What’s luck got to do with it?
Positive, successful people know they were not born lucky.  They became and continue to be lucky through study, work and refining their craft.  They make a choice to think differently and to take action.

13.     Admit that they’re not so smart.
By the very act of trying, lucky people become smart.  They read, research, educate themselves and they toil.  They admit their faults, apologize and quickly move on.  They are prepared to be vulnerable if it helps them to become more successful in life. ‘Lucky’ people recognise that happiness and success come through trial, error, and constant learning.

14.    They feel the pain of setbacks and failure too.
Positive people know the pain of failure and frustration associated with setbacks.  However, they keep on going because they know they will travel through it and come out the other side.  They have the powerful belief that the tough times will pass, and by persevering they will get through the challenges.  “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

“I don’t know that it’s luck so much as determination.” – K.J. Hanley

15.    The door is always open.
Positive, lucky people are excited about talking openly to anyone who will listen, or share their ideas.  Lucky people smile and engage – open up their minds to chance meetings with strangers where one thing can lead to another.

16.    Having a clear direction or purpose.
Lucky people have a clear direction and purpose.  Their objective may be to provide for their family so that they will have every opportunity that may have been denied to them, or to successfully launch and establish their business.  Positive people have an inbuilt magnet attracting them to their goals in life.
Write down your ultimate goals and then work backwards to establish the stepping stones to achieve your ambitions.

17.    They focus on the goal and remain flexible on the plan.
Positive, lucky people know that plans can change.  Disruption and chaos can impact on the best laid plans, but goals remain the same.  The constant is to remain focused on the goal factoring in change over time.

18.    They pay attention to feelings more often than thoughts.
Positive people are driven by passion in their endeavours.  Whilst thinking is an important element, often our minds (gut feeling, passion and enthusiasm) direct us forward towards our goals.  When difficulties surface, there is the conflict between thoughts and feelings.  Lucky people seem to follow the course of following the heart rather than the head.

19.    There are no monuments to critics, and gossip is a waste of time.
Lucky, positive people don’t pay attention to critics.  They realise that naysayers are a distraction, and the world will always have its doubters.
By staying focused they shrug off the critics and keep moving forward.
Gossip can be extremely destructive and serves no purpose.  It usually consists of rumour and innuendo often from non-achievers.

“If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success.” – Malcolm X

20.    There needs to be hunger and action.
Positive ‘lucky’ people believe they have something of value to contribute to the world.  With this mindset of giving back to friends, family, the workplace, and society in general, they keep the promise of spreading hope and reaching their full potential.  They start the day off leaping out of bed, channelling their energy into positive projects and achieving their goals.
By having that hunger to be productive they create an environment of motivation and enthusiasm leading to direction, action and success on all levels.

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca

“When you find yourself on the side of the majority,
it is time to pause and reflect.” – Mark Twain