“Increasing clients’ awareness is key because with awareness comes choice.” – Williams and Menendez


Effective coaching and therapy rely on the importance of the truth because both parties know that this is when real learning occurs. In the craziness of life, truth is the only way that issues can be sorted. Therapist/coach are partners and co-creators with clients to help them achieve a positive outcome.

Usually the first few sessions with a therapist, counsellor or coach will focus on obtaining a detailed and clear picture of what the concerns/issues are: severity, frequency, impact, relevant family history, life assessment in significant areas of their life. A course of action is explored between counsellor/coach and client(s). Consultation usually lasts 50 minutes with a further 5 minutes to do the administrative work of accounts/appointments etc. Longer appointments are charged proportionately.

Cancellation fees may apply.

Should the parties be agreeable and therapy/coaching is to continue then a “Disclosure Statement” and a formal contract are negotiated, signed and initiated.


Fees are calculated on a scale in accordance with and consideration of peak professional bodies recommendations and will be discussed in the first session, or the initial enquiry stage.

Seminars, training and workshops are subject to professional body recommendations and costs associated with the hiring of venues, facilities, resources etc.


Counselling, Therapy and Coaching consultations are subject to Appointment (although Days / Hours remain flexible.

  • Tuesday and Thursday – Counselling/Psychotherapy
  • Wednesday and Friday – Life Coaching / Personal Coaching

After hours appointments are negotiable (based on therapist/coach availability).
Workshops, seminars, guest speaker engagements, training are subject to time availability.
Referrals are not necessary.

Callers are welcome to discuss concerns prior to making an appointment and can find more information on contacting me here